Clear learning objective(s) laid out at the beginning of the course *

The learning objective(s) align with the course content *

Content flows logically *

Reference source are properly credited, quoted, or cited *

Material (including statistics, facts, and dates) is up-to-date *

The course meets standards for accessibility *

Course has been localized to all applicable languages (including dialects, idioms, colloquialisms) *

A course table of contents is available *

All course links are easily visible and work *

Course is well-organized and easy to navigate *

Navigation links and buttons are limited to what’s necessary *

Interactive elements are intuitive or have helpful directions in order to complete *

Captions are included for all audio and/or video elements *

Course is compatible with most common browsers and runs well on most computers *

Course loads within a reasonable amount of time *

Course takes advantage of modern teaching technology *

Course includes interactive elements throughout *

Course engages multiple learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, etc.) *

Situations or presented material are directly relatable to the learner *

Information is broken up into chunks or bite-sized modules (and possibly with short, relevant quizzes) *

A way for learners to check course progress is available *

Consistent typeface is used throughout *

Images and videos are used to reiterate course material *

A consistent color theme is used throughout *

Layout isn’t too crowded and has a good white space balance *

Elements such as headers, sub headers, bullets, and font styles (bold, italics, underline) are used throughout to break up material *

Designed with computer, tablet, and mobile devices in mind *

Instructor set learning goals at the beginning of designing the course *

Pre- and post-learning assessments are in place *

Assessments are clear, relevant, and effectively gauge learner’s grasp of material and objective(s) *

Plans to gauge knowledge retention at specific periods after course completion are in place *

Both instructor and/or learner feedback systems are in place *

What are the course strengths? *

What are the areas in need of improvement and actionable steps I can take to improve them?

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