Magna - Employee Survey 2019

1. There is availability of necessary Induction and tools required to work effectively? *

2. Work place (e.g. Lighting, work station etc.) Facilities allow to work efficiently? *

3. Work Deadlines at Magna Infotech are realistic and workload is reasonable? *

4. Work group / Team works well together and treat each other with dignity & respect? *

5. There is feeling of being part of a team working towards a shared goal and work is fairly distributed in the work group / team? *

6. The working atmosphere in team allows performing to a high standard? *

7. There are enough forums & occasions to express views and suggestions? *

8. TL/Managers treat fairly and with respect and delegates work effectively? *

9. TL/Managers are available when advice / guidance are needed? *

10. The superior provides timely guidance which enables to do the work effectively? *

11. The TL/Managers focuses on fixing the problem rather than finding someone to blame? *

12. TL/Managers take prompt and fair corrective action on team members who fail to perform work satisfactorily? *

13. The Manager / TL/Managers encourage and supports in professional development? *

14. There are opportunities to learn progress and grow within the company? *

15. There is opportunity to meaningfully participate in goals & Objectives setting exercise? *

16. There is timely and accurate feedback on employee’s performance and growth? *

17. The job is challenging, interesting and makes good use of my skills and abilities? *

Any other qualitative feedback that you would like to share which if implemented can help increase your satisfaction as an employee

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